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  • Can I host a tailgate event for something other than a sports game?
    Of course! Tailgate style events are perfect for just about anything! - If you don't enjoy sports, are hosting an event on a non-game day, or just simply like to tailgate, we are perfect for you! - Still want to watch the game, but don't want to make the drive? We've got a steaming package and TV's, so we will bring the game to you!
  • How do I get a quote or book my event?
    This is our favorite question! There are 3 ways: 1) Contact us through the website on the Contact Us page 2) Send an email with your event information, proposed date & location to 3) Call us at 678-835-8737 Whatever way you decide to get in touch with us, we thank you for considering us!
  • Where are you located and what are your service areas?
    We are located in Southern Hall County, Georgia, but we love to travel! Please contact us for more information.
  • Do you supply food?
    No, we are not a catering company, but we have excellent catering partners that we can recommend, if you like.
  • What about beverages and booze?
    Yes, we can help, but there are rules... - If you will be serving alcohol: Due to Georgia liquor laws, there can be NO monetary exchange for alcohol from Cheers Tailgate Co, BUT no need to worry! We can place your order directly with our liquor partner and can even pick it up and bring it with us! - If you will only be serving non-alcoholic beverages or mocktails: Let us help you out! Give us your beverage shopping list and we will even have everything iced up and ready to go for your event. What even better is that they're YOUR beverages! Whatever is leftover, you keep and you didn't even have to go and get it. Two thumbs up!
  • Do you set up at stadiums?
    Although we focus on bringing the experience to you, it is possible that we can set up in a lot that allows tailgating. There are always several rules to follow, so please contact us.
  • Any policies I should know about?
    Every business has some sort of policies...We require a 50% nonrefundable deposit to book your event, unless otherwise specified. The final payment is due 1 week before your event date and after that payment is made, it is non-refundable. Rescheduling may be an option, if we have your new requested date available. If you planned on tailgating for a certain game that gets canceled or rescheduled, your event will automatically transfer over to the new date, if it does not overlap with another event on that date.
  • What if it is supposed to be hot/cold?
    We do live in Georgia.... sometimes it's really hot and sometimes it can get pretty cold. If it's really hot, we do have some suggestions to help you keep you and your guests cool. If your event location allows, we can also provide fans and a portable misting system, to keep the air moving. There's nothing more sobering than an arctic tailgate. (Believe us, we grew up in the upper Midwest.) We can provide patio heaters, a fire pit and blankets, if need be! And don't forget those hand warming packets! They're even great to keep your toes warm. If you like the people you're tailgating with enough, it never hurts to cuddle up a little either.
  • What if it is supposed to rain?
    Unfortunately, due to our advanced booking model, we cannot accommodate cancellations due to rain. If you have a large event that needs a lot of covered tent space, we are happy to work with our tent vendor to find the appropriate size tent, at the client's cost, or attempt to reschedule if your new requested date is available. We know that getting rained out totally stinks....we will do everything we can to keep your event dry and still awesome.
  • Are you insured?
    If there is one thing a business like ours should have, it's insurance! We carry liability insurance to cover our services and equipment.
  • I have more questions..
    Please Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!
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